Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Year's Resolution Ironman

So the new year arrives and I decided this was the year that I would finally cross off one of my bucket list, I have often thought about taking part in an Ironman my first thought was Barcelona but when I checked it was fully booked.  I am reading Be Iron Fit by Don Fink and he states that the only way is to commit yourself so I checked the other events to find an event in Bolton, one in Tenby but uk weather does not appeal then I found it the event was ideal Ironman Italy:- .

So now is the time to start my training and also I have to fit in the 4 Spin Classes I take in local gyms in Bristol and Thornbury.  I was inspired in 2016 having not trained as well as I hoped I completed Ride London (100 miles) in 4 hrs 40 mins (4.40) an average speed of 21.25 mph so if there is a time this has to be it before I get too old to do it (although I hope that age never gets reached).  My last marathon was in 2000 when I did a 3.30 and five years before did a 3.10, not expecting to run times like that and I was worried about leg injuries as I have been constantly pulling my calf recently.  This will be my story of training to compete in one of the toughest events you can compete in and I will need to try to stay within my training zones, something I always struggle with.

Week 1 training  (9 Jan 16):-
Early morning swim 0.30 still not sure about my technique will be glad when I get to talk to someone at Kingswood Triathalon Club can give me some drills to work on to improve my swim.  Got to admit enjoyed the early morning swim.  Evening two Spin sessions at Thornbury Gym 0.45 Velodrome and 0.30 HIIT 60 sec repeats.


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